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Gasp Paranormal 


We Are Gasp Paranormal   (Ghost and Spectral Phenomena)


     We are on a mission to investigate the paranormal, collect the evidence, and look for the truth.  Our painstaking years of experience and dedication has been a beneficial element to helping the customer  understand more about the unexplained.  We will continue down this journey looking for answers and helping customers understand the other side. 


What we provide:

     We provide a professional investigation service for the business or the home.  Our search and research is thorough.  The goal is to provide our customers with as much information as we can when it comes to unexplained phenomena.  The truth is what we are after and we will provide you with such.  We will endeavor to solve or explain uncommon occurrences and try to provide answers as to the how and why.  Evidence will be diligently reviewed.  Once the process is complete, you will receive a hard copy of what we find for your own personal file.  The information you provide us will be kept confidential ie: your name, address and phone number.  On occasion, we might find substantial evidence and would like to post on our site, but this is done through your permission only.  Here is to safe journeys for all.

All THings Paranormal

The afterlife and beyond

     Why do we encounter the afterlife?  What is the reasoning behind these encounters?  Answers can range from looking over a loved one, trying to convey a message, or sometimes, the dearly departed do not even know that they have passed on.  Whatever the reason, they are present and it is our mission to discover the truth.

The metaphysical

     The science behind the paranormal.  Is there physical evidence of our souls existence?  What is the reasoning behind our identity in the afterlife?

Paranormal trivia

     Interesting terminologies of the paranormal and the way we perceive them.  What constitutes a ghost, spirit, or an entity?  The difference between a cemetery, graveyard, and burial ground.  Relative factors of each.


In the event that you may need our services, feel free to leave your contact information below.  We will get back with you in a timely manner. Thank you.

This was at the City Gates in St. Augustine, Fl.  A girl named Elizabeth roams these gates.  After I tell her to kick the ball, footsteps are heard followed by a muffled whisper that I can not make out.

This was at the City Gates in St. Augustine, Fl.  Elizabeth is roaming the gates and I tell her to move the ball on the ground, and she says "never".

This happened at the City Gates of St. Augustine, Fl.  at around 1:30 am.  It appears to be the sound of a riffle being reloaded.  Judging from the history of this city, it is quite a possibility.

 This was taken at the Purple Lotus in St. Augustine, Fl.  Apparently Gina paid us a visit.

An unknown source is asking for help.  Taken at  the Purple Lotus  in St. Augustine, Fl.

Apparently, a gentleman by the name of Pete paid us a visit to let us know he was there with us.  This was at the Purple Lotus in St. Augustine, Fl.

What appears to be the voice of a little girl seemingly locating us or someone else and acknowledging our presence or the presence of someone other than ourselves.  She responds in voice saying " there you are".  Taken at the main room in the Purple Lotus in St. Augustine, Fl.


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Taken at the Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine, there appears to be a structure in the sky with an angelic figure looking over the cemetery.

Taken at the Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine, this appears to be a "hollowed" tube near the tombstone of a 5 year old boy named James.  Could this be a portal?

Once again, this tube appears and seems to have orbs on each side.  Could this be spirit orbs traveling through a portal.  This is in the Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine.

This was taken at the Torture Museum in St. Augustine.  An apparition seems to be crossing the room.  Note the transparency and color of this figure.  Refer to our video section to see this video.

Another example of the apparition in the Torture Museum.

Taken at a hospital in Florida, a little girl stands in the doorway.  Could she have been a patient from the past?  Could she be visiting a sick relative or friend?

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Apparently, someone is waiting for a ride.  Taken at St. Augustine, Fl.

What appears to be a face imprinted on the seat.  Could this be the image of a Soldier?  Possibly Spanish?  Undisclosed location in St. Augustine, FL.


Apparition moving across the room from right to left at full speed.  Located at the Purple Lotus in  St. Augustine, Fl.

Apparition moving across the room from right to left.  This was taken at the Purple Lotus  in St. Augustine, Fl.  Note that the apparition appears to move between the camera and the pole as seen near the bottom of this video.  Taken at slow speed.

 This was taken at the Purple Lotus  in St. Augustine, Fl.  This apparition appears to move in front of the camera.  Taken at normal speed.

This is the apparition taken in slow speed.  Note the legs and part of a torso as it moves across the room.

Taken at an undisclosed location in Daytona Beach.  Claims were made of activity by this doorway.  A scarf sits on the nearby coat rack.  One end lifts up then falls back down.  We were not alone that night.

Taken in the upstairs bedroom at an undisclosed location.  There appears to be an image of a man sitting on a chair in the window.  This is not a reflection as no one was in the building at that time.

This was taken in the general population area of the Old Jail in St. Augustine.  An ectoplasmic figure is caught moving into one of the cells.

This was taken in the Louis Higgs Room at the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  Apparently, she is leaving the closet to go into the hallway.

This was taken at the Torture Museum in St. Augustine, Fl.  Claims were made of a shadow figure that roams throughout the museum.  He appears to be that of a Spanish or British soldier moving from one room to the next across one of our cameras.  This was taken at set up time during one of our investigations.  Video is shown at normal speed.

The shadow figure at the Torture Museum taken at slow speed.

Taken in the childrens room upstairs at the Old City Jail in St. Augustine, FL.  An ectoplasmic figure darts in front of the camera.

This was taken in the Electroshock Therapy room at the Waverly.  The flashlight was sitting on that bed for an extended period of time before someone decides to move it.